Growing up
        There were ten of us. Our Mama, Daddy, 5 brothers and 3 sisters made up this large family. We grew up poor--gravy and biscuits just about every day, other kids laughing at our torn clothes, cold winter mornings huddling around a stove which was the only source of heat.  But we had it all - we had each other and with God's help we were just fine - just fine.
        Joan was our big sister. She walked us to school ,washed the dishes when the little ones wanted to play, told us stories at bedtime, and we would often stand around her and sing while she played Mama's old piano. Joan was a teenager during those wonderful fifties . She loved to spin around in her "poodle skirt" to some of the greats like Elvis. She was a wonderful person. When she smiled at you it would be with a tilt of her head and the love would pour from her eyes.
       Someone took our Joan away on that dreadful day! She was having a normal day just like we all do - just working in her office. She was probably daydreaming a little and thinking about her children, grandchildren , brothers and sisters. If not family, she was working on creative ways to help her clients get into there dream home or helping that special couple get into there 1st  home. She was always thinking of others.
       With the strength of family and God above, weare going on with our lives. But our lives have a spot that no one can fill - a spot for Joan. We know that finding the guilty party will not bring her back  but it will ease our minds when convicted. Our prayers every day are for the authorities as they diligently work for justice. God bless the Virginia State Police in ther efforts.
       The Brother and Sisters of Joan - we will love her forever!

Our Mother
       Our Mother came from a tough childhood with plenty of love and compassion to last the rest of her life. She was a giving person and always put others first before herself.  She married our dad and had three children , a boy and then two girls. Our mother always worked  during our childhood , but never failed to be a mom. No matter what problems came around she would always say "It will be alright", and it turned out fine everytime. She taught us that a positive attitude in life would always triumph over adversity. She and dad made sure that we were brought up in a good Christian home , in which we owe our  belief , morals , and values. Our  mother was the greatest mom that kids could ever have.
         I was in high school when my mother found out her calling to go into Real Estate. Her first office took up half the 2 car garage, on our home, that my dad and I built for her. She was so proud when she made her first sale. As she progressed she became a Broker and opened her first real office with a secretary and one associate. My  mother was always a great business person  who never forgot the humanity in things. Mom and dad had divorced when I graduated high school.We soon moved to Virginia where she was successful in real estate again. We were all so proud of her when she opened an office in Goochland county as Busy Bee Realty Inc. My sisters and I also went into real estate with our mothers help and encouragement. She was so proud of us that we chose to follow in her footsteps. She had built her dream home and lived there only a year before all of this happened.
          We often wonder what if, but with the positive outlook, good Christian values and love that she gave us, we only need to know that she is in Heaven watching us. We will never give up on finding out who did this to our mom , we plead for any information  that will lead to the conviction of the ones responsible.  There is a hole in all of our hearts that will  never be filled . The ones responsible will have to answer to God one day, however if you know anything and don't come forward ,you also will have to answer to God too.
          My sister and I would like to thank you for taking the time to read about our mother. If you want to do somthing for our family please tell or forward this web page to anyone you know.  Thanks From Howard, Jenny, Sonya and Families.

Merry Christmas Grandma
This one goes out to my Grandmother that I truly loved
Who now lives in a golden palace up above
I know someone took you in a horrible way
And I only wish one last time I could say
“I Love You Grandma!”

I sometimes find myself about to cry
I only wish I could have watched you fly
I always ask God why someone took you.

When you passed we got some of your stuff
Including a beautiful brown hutch
But that doesn’t really help me much
Because I still long for your warm gentle touch.

Grandma, I remember standing at your grave
Only wishing God could have saved
Saved you from that horrible man.

God saw you were in pain
So he asked you if you would take his had
To come live in a place that would never end.

When you took his hand the pain went away
But I still wish I could say
“I Love you Grandma” one last time.

I remember that warm day how I felt inside,
I wanted to be alone so I could hide,
Hide from all the pain I had,
But everytime I kept thinking about it
It made me more mad

Now all I can do is think
about the Christmas that we had
even though I can't see you this Christmas
or sing as your long slender fingers dance across the piano
or taste your cooking you will be in my heart

Grandma you will always be my guardian angel, and we will
spend this Christmas and all of our next Christmas' with you
in our heart and we will never be apart
I Love you Grandma

Merry Christmas, Grandma

Written by granddaughter, age 14